FrancesFrances loves all things make-up, she is a self-taught artist who began her professional career over 18 years ago with M.A.C cosmetics. Her obsession started at the age of four when her neighbor, an AVON representative brought products and samples of lipsticks for her mother, minutes later Frances was found under the kitchen table applying lipstick on herself and her baby sister, she had found her calling. Then came the fashion magazines…and the realization that there was a future career in make-up. Frances’ influences are many, from the inspiration of nature to great artists throughout history like: Georgia O’Keefe, Gustav Klimt , to make-up artists like: Fulvia Farolfi, Rose Marie Swift, Linda Mason, Sharon Dowsett, Pat Mcgrath, Dick Page, James Kaliardos and all the colleagues she has met along the way..….Frances has worked with national celebrity actors, international news broadcasters and many local Chicago acting and modeling talents.